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Q & A's

What does River of Grace do for the world?

all sorts of stuff!

We are a group of people engaged in faith and life and bringing them together. We believe that being stronger in faith makes us stronger people who are in the world: as parents, children, siblings, workers, neighbors, community members, people in traffic, and more. In addition to that, we give at least 10% of our offerings to needs beyond our own ... world hunger, colleges and universities, new start-up ministries, medical clinics in Africa and other places, disaster relief and more. And, every month we focus on a particular mission close to home: we learn about that ministry, we contribute to it, and we most often share in a work-day at that place. That helps the organizations, and it makes us better people, too. And then we go back to that first thing ... being stronger in faith makes us stronger people in God's world. (Cool cycle, isn't it?)

What's it like to be part of a new church?

It's a whole new energy!

River of Grace is a new church with some deep roots. While we have energy and experiences of years, we have a new vision and a new direction. That means that it's easy to get to know the people here. It means that there are ways to make a difference right from the start. It means that you don't have to raise your hand too high to get involved, but also that we're not going to be in your face and under your skin about the whole thing, either. Plus, you'll be changing the world and even the future, even just a day at a time. It's a great place to engage in a legacy. And besides all that, we have plenty of room for you.

I haven't been to worship in a long time. Are you sure you want to meet someone like me?

Quick answer: YES!

We welcome all people because God loves all people, and when we get to know the people God loves, we believe that everyone is better for it. You don't have to be a perfect citizen, a Bible-knowing person, or know the difference between baptism and communion when you come check us out. We'll help you with some of those things along the way, though; and we believe that your presence will bless us. No matter what.

If I decide to come and worship, What should I wear?

Whatever you want to!

We are far more interested in meeting you than in checking out your outfit, so wear whatever you'd like! Truly, any given Sunday you'll find people dressed in a variety of ways. Some will be dressy, some will be casual. Some will look like they just left work; some will look like they just got out of bed. Some will be wearing bright colors and some won't be. Some will be wearing shorts, some will be wearing pants, some will be wearing capris, some will be wearing skirts. Frankly, we're so much looking forward to meeting you that we don't care what you wear. We'll be more focused on you the person, than you the outfit, anyway.

What happens in a typical worship service?

A bunch of people, bringing life and faith together!

The point of worship is to help us draw out of ourselves and to thank God for our lives, to ask God for encouragement or strength, to be in a community of like-minded people who are also different than us, and to hear some of the Bible's promises and callings for us. We sing a few songs. We have communion -- a special event that reminds us of God's forgiveness always. Our pastor preaches a sermon that lasts about 15 minutes or so. We shake hands with each other and say "peace be with you." And while all of this might sound really formal or even unfamiliar, it's actually quite the oppostie. Check it out. You may be surprised at just how "at home" you find yourself.

Will I be able to get involved at River of Grace?

Yes, you will!

As Lutherans we give thanks for what we call "the priesthood of all believers." That means that everyone has special gifts God has given them to make the WORLD a better place. And we love it when people use those gifts to make our church a better place, too. We'll help you find ways to participate here, and our guess is that you'll have a lot of fun and experience a greater sense of meaning in your life as you do, too.

I'm gay. Am I still welcome?

Yes, you are!

We welcome all people, without regard to their race, their income, the place where they live, their sexual orientation, or whether or not they like brussel sprouts. We're just looking forward to meeting you. And by the way, God loves you. Remember that.

Here's a video of a sermon where our Pastor explains what the Bible means when it talks about homosexuality. She gets to the point of exactly why we welcome everyone, and she believes it's really important to God that we do. Click here if you'd like to hear more.

How does a person choose a church home, anyway?

by checking it out!

Some people like classical music, some like contemporary. Some people see God as a righteous Judge who looms over the earth, and some see God as a loving Creator who is involved with every step of our journeys. Some like to be lost in a crowd, and some like it when they can learn the names of few folks. Some don't care what the preaching is like, and some want a sermon they can relate to. There are truly hundreds of churches to choose from, and WHERE you find your home isn't quite as important as THAT you find one. Life can be hard, and having a faith family makes all the difference in the world. If you're searching, be real and true about who you are, and just start. You're very like to just 'know' when you've found the right church home. And if you want help in discerning that stuff, talk with our pastor about it. She loves to help people find ways and places to serve, to share faith, and to grow in their journeys.

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